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Finally, a truly viable alternative to fiat currencies

Elitetreum is a hybrid payment platform utilising the core blockchain technology on a mission to bring efficient, convenient and innovative payment solution to enterprises and consumers worldwide.

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Project Goals


    Superior transaction speed,
    reliability and security.


    Designed to enable wide adoption, both for individual consumer users and large enterprise players.


    A hybrid solution that incorporates the best of both words from centralized and decentralized currencies

Our Technology

Our develop of a payment platform that solves today's cryptocurrency issues involves three main pillars

Achieving superior transaction speed

By increasing the block time and block size, our blockchain will achieve 3000 transactions per second, double the speed of Mastercard/Visa (around 1500t/sec).

Develop a simple and easy wallet API

We recognize that developers, merchants and enterprise corporations are in need of an easy way of connecting to the network.

Hybrid solution

Instead of 100% decentralise, we will select working merchants, large corporations or verified individual partners that are qualified to be the masternode for the newly developed blockchain. This way, we will enforce desired quality of server processing power and network capacity to support the masternode.

Our White Paper

Elitetreum's original paper is a recommended reading for anyone studying how our currency works.
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What Makes Us Different

So, does the world really need yet another crypto payment platform? Cryptocurrencies produced many overnight millionaires and countless “experts”, but are yet to translate into average consumer everyday usage.

The world still prefers fiat currency because it's easier and less complicated. Despite boasting their advantages of security and decentralisation, most cryptocurrencies still demand a lot of effort from end users: setting up wallets, backups, etc

Elitetreum is bringing the advantages of blockchain to everyday usage with the least effort to learn and use.

At present, one-third of top 15 cryptocurrencies uses smart contracts. By taking advantage of smart contract technology and offering significant improvements comparing to technologies such as Ethereum, we expect Elitetreum to join the Top 20 ranks by 2021.

Project Name Elitetreum Ethereum Hyperledger
Cryptocurrency ELT ETH none
Usage B2C & B2B B2C B2B
Total Release 2 Billion 97m n/a
Block Time 8 seconds 15 seconds n/a
Block Size 2mb 2mb n/a
Block Time 8 seconds 15 seconds n/a
Mining Hardware GPU GPU No mining: Pluggable
Consensus Algorithm
Processing Fee Low Normal No payment required
Smart Contrac Yes Solidity Seperent LLL No payment required
Block Reward 5 coins 3 coins n/a

Our Roadmap

  • Q1

    Self-deployed a blockchain boasting the transaction speed 50% faster than Ethereum, and pre-sold to 600,000 internal members of Pre-ICO.

  • Q2

    Crowd-funding platform submission to attract more potential investors.

  • Q1

    Using the secured funding to strengthen our development team and further optimise the ELT source code.

  • Q2

    Opening ELT 1.0 to private partners or business owners who will be able to start trading.

  • Q3

    Sourcing for new platforms to increase demand and promote better prices.

  • Q4

    Launching the Developer Reward Program to recruit more blockchain experts, consultants and developers around the world

  • Q1

    Developing a more advanced processing system ELT 2.0, reducing the fees to nearly zero and reaching up to 3000 transactions per second. (2x faster than Visa or MasterCard)

  • Q2

    Participating in top blockchain industry events and exhibitions to increase ELT market share worldwide. Closing the Pre-ICO Internal Pre-sale.

  • Q3

    Initiating the 2nd Phase of the project, selling limited edition mining machine to Phase 1members and investors to scale ELT mining

  • Q4

    Compiling information and big data in preparation to enter the capital market

  • Q1

    Initiating the 3rd Phase of the project by releasing the ELT technical source code to the public

  • Q2

    Submissions to leading cryptocurrency trading platforms.

  • Q3

    Continuous sourcing for new trading platforms to increase demand and improve the ELT price.

  • Q4

    The official launch of the project's version 2.0

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